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NT8000 Release

Introducing the new NT8000 and our new engineer, Tom McCluskey

The Gason Engineering Team are excited to introduce the NT8000 to the tillage machinery lineup.  An exciting new addition that addresses demand for a more transport friendly design following the tightened regulations and enforcement on oversized machine combinations. 

Design Engineer Tom McCluskey is the newest and youngest member of the team and was key to the design and implementation of the project.    

“The most challenging aspect of designing the NT8000 was creating a simplistic machine to suit several layouts with provision for various attachments whilst not compromising strength and reliability.”  

Growing up on a farm near Deniliquin, Tom has always been involved in building, maintaining and operating agricultural machinery. His natural affinity to the land, knowledge of the industry and degree in Advanced Manufacturing and Mechatronics Engineering makes Tom a valuable member of Team Gason.  

“At 3.5m folded width it is easier and safer for users to get around whilst not requiring a pilot vehicle. Aside from transport width, the five big design drivers were durability, reliability, trash clearance, competitive pricing and ease of use.” 

The NT8000 was successfully released at the Wimmera Field Days, with Tom giving a short presentation to Farm Machinery Sales.  

“The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with the only comments being some would rather the same machine in a wider working width.”  

With a major project under his belt, Tom will be full of confidence going into his next big challenge, and we can’t wait to see what he will revolutionize next.  

“What the machines we’ll be making in 10 years look like is anyone’s guess. Technology, robotics and automation will become a bigger part of agriculture and the manufacture of agricultural machinery.”   

A link to Tom’s interview can be found at: