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The popular Gason Frame Mounted Presswheel has recieved a series of upgrades in time for the 2021 sowing season. The new Manutec Zero Maintenance Presswheel design has been fitted as well as the mudscraper and sowing boot mounting being upgraded.

Gason Frame Mounted Presswheels are a tillage implement attachment that offers in frame mounting of presswheels for improved seed placement and seed to soil contact. As with the previous revison, the upgraded design features, greaseable hardened bushes on all pivots, various tyre profiles, adjustable tyre down-force, optional mud scraper and an optional sowing boot.

The new Mautec Zero Maintenance Presswheel design incorperates the Peer TillXtreme sealed hub unit, these heavy duty units which are designed for speed discs, feature an opposed pair of angular contact bearings and a 7 lip seal for maximum protection in dusty enviroments. They are sealed for life – repair by replacement and do not require lubrication. A cut-away of the hub unit is shown below.

Presswheels are available on both NT & T Series planter bars.